terça-feira, março 27, 2012

PPP in Transport Conference, Athens, 23-26 April, 2012

TRA 2012, Athens, 23-26 April 2012 - Special Session P3T3

    PROSOSER/ ACTION CHAIR: Dr. Athena Roumboutsos, University of the Aegean

    Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) are considered an important instrument in the delivery of transport infrastructure projects. As such they are the object of interest for both academia and practitioners. In order to enhance and support the success of these endeavors, research leading to future predictions and forecasts of outcome is important. However, this may only be achieved through close “partnership” with market developments. The present Session calls upon developments from both academia and practice and seeks to identify potential “partnerships”.
    The proposed Special Session has a dual scope: (1) to bring forward research work developed in the network, while extending and sharing with a wider number of researchers, and (2) to call upon field experience through the analysis of case studies in order to verify the applicability of research conducted and accommodate market needs in future research.
    In this approach the proposed Special Session is constructed in two sequential parts. Part I concerns presentations from academia, while Part II concerns presentations of PPP applications.
    Topics to be included are Tendering and contracting, Implementation and monitoring, Institutional impact and Case studies
    Papers presented concern developments of the COST Action P3T3, which involves more than 60 researchers from 27 countries predominately from the EU.
    TARGET AUDIENCE  All disciplines involved in PPPs from academia and practice.
    1. Pellegrino, R., Vajdic, N., and Carbonara, N. Real options theory for risk mitigation in PPPs in the Transport Sector
    2. Sciancalepore, F., Roumboutsos, A. and Carbonara, N., Tendering procedures in Transport PPPs: The effect on market competition
    3. Voordijk, J., Odeck, J. and Liyanage, C. L., The stakeholders’ performance objectives: The case of critical success factors (CSF) in PPP transport
    4. Mladenovic, G., Temeljotov-Salaj, A. and Wundsch, B. Monitoring PPP transport projects to meet stakeholders’ performance objectives
    5. Odeck, J., Voordijk, J., and Liyanage, C. L., Is economic efficiency an objective in PPP transport projects?
    1. Pena, A. F. and Macario, R. Public-Private Partnerships in the Airport Sector: Structured Guidelines for PPP Implementation
    2. Gouin, T., Macario, R., Roumboutsos, A. and Vanelslander, T., Transport Sector Concessions in the EU: Modal Comparisons
    3. Leviäkangas, P. and Wigan, M., Financial anatomy of a shadow toll PPP project
    4. Lember, V., Olander, S., Petersen, O.H., Scherrer, W., Widén, K. Institutional reasons for not implementing PPPs in the transport sector
    5. Nikolaidis, N. and Roumboutsos, A. The Impact of Recession: Roads to Ruin?