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Agente pagador Millennium Challenge em Moçambique

Date Posted:04 Apr 2008
Organization:GFA Consulting Group GmbH
Apply By:25 Apr 2008
Contact Information : Email:
Please reference the "Recruiting Center at" when you apply by email.
Job Level: Mid-Level

Job Opportunity: Senior Payment Specialist
Project Status: Awarded project
Period of Project: 1 year with 5 option years Duration of Assignment: 14.04.2008 or as soon as possible until 13.04.2009; with prolongation for up to 5 one-year options
Country: Mozambique Duty Station: Maputo, later possibly Nampula Job Code: MOS07MC156B / 5
Project description The Government of Mozambique will receive a grant from the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and intends to apply part of the proceeds of this grant to fund a contract to provide Fiscal Agent services to assist the Government of Mozambique to manage the Millennium Challenge Program (“Program”) in a transparent and fiscally sound way. For a 5 year period, the total programme cost is around $US 500 million. The Fiscal Agent shall act on behalf of the Millennium Challenge Account Government Authority (MCAGA) to provide a broad range of financial management services that are requested by MCAGA to implement the projects funded with the Grant funds (the “Program”). In this capacity the Fiscal Agent shall diligently oversee, discharge and perform all services necessary to achieve the optimum value for the monies expended by MCAGA, while ensuring that all financial transactions are conducted in strict compliance with principles, rules and procedures set out in the Compact and its Supplemental Agreements. We seek a long-term expert to start on 15 April or as soon as possible after this date on a one-year contract. Depending on the candidates’ qualifications and performance, an extension for the entire project duration (up to 6 years) is possible. Job Description The Senior Payment Specialist will support the team leader in the execution of the overall responsibilities of the contract. Moreover, the candidate will bear specific responsibility as follows: · final approval and authorization of all payments; · cash-flow / budget planning and fund utilization monitoring; · maintenance of filing system (physical and electronic) for all technical documents required for approval and authorization of payments; · resolution of all approval and authorization problems including participation with the Team Leader in any major problems and resolutions; · a payments procedures education program; · VAT issues and if exist VAT-related data entry staff · team participation in other requirements such as Fiscal Accountability Plan and Audit Plans Qualifications
The Senior Payment Specialist will at a minimum possess the following qualifications, skills and professional experience:
1. Master in Business Administration / Finance and Accounting and/or Certified Public/Chartered Accountant. Significant audit experience is an advantage.
2. Training in business, economics, finance, accounting, public administration, or related field.
3. Professional financial management qualification or specialized training.
4. Significant experience working as a financial management professional (approximately 8 years or more).
5. Excellent working experience with automated financial management applications. Experience with SunSystems is an advantage. 6. Fluency in both written and spoken English and Portuguese.
7. Working experience in similar countries. Working experience in Mozambique is an advantage.
8. Computer literate - Excel, Word and accounting packages, etc.
9. Knowledge and experience of contract and procurement procedures. Experience with US government regulation is an advantage.

Consultor em comércio internacional, Cabo Verde

Date Posted:07 Apr 2008
Organization: CESO CI - Consultores Internacionais, S.A.
Apply By:15 May 2008
Contact Information :

Title of the action: Support Cape Verde's Post-Accession to the World Trade Organisation Objectives of the action: Overall objective(s): to support and facilitate Cape Verde's successful integration into the global regime. Successful implementation of WTO agreement, effective trade-related legislation in place. Specific objective: Strengthen capacity of the Ministry of Economy, Growth and Competitiveness of Cape Verde to implement Action plans committed under the Accession Protocol on, among other issues, Customs, SPS, TRIPS and TBT. This means support to WTO Task Force, participate in drafting legislations, and provide support to prepare the private sector to understand the new trade regime
Location of the Project: Praia, Cape Verde We are looking for consultants in the following areas:
- Customs - TRIPS - Intellectual property and copyright - Technical barriers to Trade (TBT) - Legislative drafting - Market access on goods

Consultores para o Bénin

Date Posted: 07 Apr 2008
Organization: CESO CI, International Consulters
Country/Region: Portugal
Apply By: 19 Apr 2008
Contact Information :

L'objectif spécifique de cette mission est d'évaluer la pertinence, l'efficience, l'efficacité, l'impact et la viabilité du Programme Intègre du Renforcement des Systèmes Juridique et Judiciaire (PIRSJJ) au Bènin. Trois experts maîtrisant parfaitement le français sont nécessaires à l’exécution de la mission :
1. Un expert juriste, de formation supérieure, ayant au minimum dix ans d'expérience générale, et justifiant d'une connaissance approfondie du système judiciaire des pays dont la culture et le système judiciaire sont similaires à ceux de la République du Bénin. L'expert doit avoir exécuté au moins deux missions similaires dans les pays en voie de développement.
2. Un expert en gestion des projets avec une solide expérience en suivi-évaluation, de formation supérieure, ayant au minimum dix ans d’expérience générale, ayant à son actif au moins cinq évaluations de projets de même envergure dans les pays en voie de développement. La connaissance du secteur de la justice est un atout.
3. Un expert en statistique-économie, ayant au minimum un diplôme de 2ème cycle en statistique, ayant au moins 5 ans d’expérience pertinente en matière de suivi-évaluation et conception/formulation d’indicateurs. La connaissance du secteur de la justice est un atout. Le bureau d’étude désignera un chef de mission parmi les trois experts.
Le chef de mission doit démontrer une expérience avérée en gestion d'équipe pluridisciplinaire

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Slovak PPP Association created

The Role of the Slovak PPP Association 31 March 2008
About forty private companies joined forces last year and established the Slovak PPP Association in order to support public-private partnership projects in Slovakia. The members are financial, consulting, construction, technological or law companies, many of which have international PPP know-how. The Association aims to participate in the creation of favourable conditions for the development and implementation of PPP projects in Slovakia, stir discussion on the various forms and potential areas of PPP schemes application and act as a partner for the public sector in all matters regarding PPP.
Despite being a late-comer with respect to public-private partnerships (PPPs) compared to neighbouring countries such as the Czech Republic or Hungary, two major PPP infrastructure projects – the D1 Motorway and the R1 Expressway - are currently under tenders in Slovakia and more PPP projects seem likely to emerge in the near future in various areas, such as sports, culture, waste treatment or healthcare. The Ministry of Education is currently considering a major PPP project – a multifunctional ice-hockey stadium, which should be built in Bratislava latest by the end of 2010. Smaller PPP projects are under discussion in a number of Slovak regions and cities.
The Slovak government officially declared support for PPP projects in its Program Declaration in 2006 and created a PPP Department at the Ministry of Finance, which is providing the public sector with advice as well as partial funding of the preparatory and advisory costs from the EU Structural Funds.
Because of the relatively little experience with PPPs in Slovakia, the success of the first pilot PPP projects will be crucial in increasing trust and popularity of PPPs. The Slovak PPP Association intends to contribute to the creation of such conditions for PPPs in Slovakia, which will enable both value-for-money as well as high quality services for citizens.
Irma ChmelováExecutive Director Slovak PPP

Critical mass for mass transit

According to an article in the Economist (29-March-2008), Los Angeles is discovering the importance of "transport-oriented development" and is looking for "elegant density" along express bus routes and subway stops.

Elegant density may be an Hollywood concept difficult to translate into economics, but the synergies between urban transport and urban land use planning are easier to understand. Most urban "mass transit" schemes are viable for heavy traffic corridors with relatively high residential population density.

The same is true for other infrastructure networks, like water or electricity. A low density network has a higher cost per user than a high density network. That's why low density rural or far suburban networks with few users often require taxpayer subsidies.
In general, it is important to minimize the dimension of the infrastructure, and the investment cost, while serving the maximum number of users. With lower investment and more users and user fees, the more viable and self-sustaining the public service project.
There is in fact a minimum "critical mass" needed to justify most "mass transit" and transport infrastructure.