segunda-feira, junho 29, 2015

Economically insignificant countries SPEAK UP !

In an article today,   Greece's Referendum: The Price of Five Years of Cowardice, Der Spiegel may be trying to reflect the frustation of many of its readers about having to stop the endless debt  renegotatiations for to hear the results referendum in an " economically irrelant" country like Greece.

In fact, this article merely reflects the shock and confusion of powerful creditors accustomed to having their own way, every time, a sort of "golden vote" in every negotiation.

It should be remembered that no country is  economically insignificant  to its citizens, so the country's loss is their loss.  And some citizens of the debtor countries have very little left to lose.

If a debtor country  is  so economically insignificant  to its creditors, it raises a couple of questions such, as why the creditors bothered to lend SO MUCH money to such a small and weak borrower to begin with.  And why the creditors can't help the small and insignificant country  raise its export revenues in order to repay the external loans.

Hotel occupancy rates  did top 83% in Athens in 2014, but there are probably a lot of other empty houses available to tourists.  This has become an important new "export activity" in Portugal.

Raising pressure and mobilizing all the financial media, the   big  creditors may "win", yet again, at great pain for everyone else.  But it may be a  Pyrrhic victory,  raising risks for European  integration, as the smaller countries are trapped in continuing debt and impoverishment. 

Where, oh where, is the economic convergence promissed for Europe ?