quarta-feira, dezembro 17, 2014

Projecto hidrológico no Limpopo, Moçambique

OPPORTUNITY: CDKN Invitation to Tender: TAAF-0048a Building Climate Resilience in the Limpopo Basin, Mozambique

The deadline for submitting proposals is 12pm UK time on the 19th December 2014.
CDKN is seeking to contract a supplier to support the Government of Mozambique with the design and development of a large-scale water infrastructure project in the Limpopo Basin that would provide a significant long-term response to the challenges posed by climate change and hydrological variability.
The planning, financing and construction of large-scale water infrastructure requires addressing several social, environmental, technical, economic and climate change challenges through a comprehensive set of pre-feasibility, feasibility studies and assessments.
The selected supplier will provide, in particular, technical assistance to ensure that climate resilience is integrated across all stages of project development. By climate-proofing the selected water infrastructure project, the supplier will not only contribute to the sustainability of the project and the well-being and livelihoods of vulnerable communities in the Limpopo Basin, but also provide the necessary analysis to help ARA-Sul leverage investment for construction and implementation, including access to climate finance.
CDKN’s support and contribution to the overall delivery of the Limpopo Basin project will complement other sources of funding from the Africa Water Facility, the Fund for African Private Sector Assistance and the Government of Mozambique.
Please contact (copying in to receive the tender documents.