segunda-feira, abril 04, 2011

PPIAF recomenda criação de Agência de PPP em países em desenvolviemento

Many kinds of PPP units exist in the developing world. It is not always clear how set up such units, decide on their functions, or choose among organizational options. This short note distills some of PPIAF's practical experience in designing PPP units, based on the many technical assistance activities managed by the facility.

The note provides options for designing the project focus of the units, selecting primary and secondary functions, organizational set-up, staffing and operational funding. Key considerations are included for choosing among these options, and for avoiding common mistakes in the process. Default recommendations are suggested to guide government decision makers in the absence of compelling arguments or evidence to the contrary.
 Unless there are compelling arguments to the contrary, the following recommendations represent a reasonable default position regarding PPP units in most developing countries:
Focus: Brownfield & Greenfield (& divestiture)
Functions: Regulation (contingent liabilities) not facilitation or investment
Authority: Compel compliance by the sector and service ministries
Location: Ministry of Finance (to compel compliance ref contingent liabilities with budget impact over medium and long term)
Staffing: Project management types + consultants, ensure skills transfer to Public Administration
Legislation: Not unless absolutely necessary
Expectation: Deal flow likely to slow down, refocus on normalizing long term contract management to maintain Value for Money
Dangers: COI, over-staffing (lack of sustainability)

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Source: PPIAF