sábado, abril 20, 2013

Está na hora da Lusofonia

Magazine «Monocle» makes frontpage with Generation Lusophonia
Generation Lusophonia: why the Portuguese is the new language of power and trade," reads the cover of the October issue of the prestigious international magazine "Monocle". A number dedicated to portuguese speaking countries, where also enjoyed spending the Azores and Comporta, visit Siza or feature the modernity stands of cork.

"It's sunny, beautiful and safe, but Portugal does not seem to know what to do with them. Maybe it's time to start recognizing the potential of the Azores." It is the entrance to one of the articles featured in the new edition of "Monocle". This is called "Waiting on the islands," but the entire magazine is dedicated not only to Portugal as the entire Lusophone world, with themes developed in Brazil to Timor, Mozambique to Angola.

Among the many prominent figures, Álvaro Siza Vieira and his "focus firmly on the future" ("despite the difficult situation in your country") with its passage peas works of architecture.

Jumping from Portuguese-speaking country in Lusophone country, the magazine will also stop in Comporta to analyze the "vernacular design" of the estate (playing between tourism, wine and catering, golf and real estate) and still continues to Coruche, where one is based industrial unit Amorim group, to highlight the empire and global development of cork.


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