sexta-feira, dezembro 01, 2006

Oportunidades - Luta contra o SIDA, Cabo Verde

Donor Organization(s): World Bank
Project Value:5,500,000
Project Reference No(s).: P101950
Local Donor Office: N/A
Executing Agency: Comitê de Coordenação do Combate a Sida
Project Duration: N/A

Project Summary
The main objectives of the HIV/AIDS MAP Supplemental Project in Cape Verde is similar to those of the original project on HIV/AIDS mitigation and building a strong capacity to respond to the threat. Specifically, this supplemental project aims to scale up successful pilot HIV/AIDS interventions and integrate the HIV/AIDS fight into the country's budget system for sustainability.
The 4 original components of the project will most likely be reduced to three:
Component 1: Support for public sector initiatives;
Component 2: Support for civil society and private sector initiatives; and
Component 3: Support project management including monitoring and evaluation.
The World Bank estimates the total project at US$ 5.5 million.