sexta-feira, dezembro 01, 2006

Oportunidades 15 - Estrada Montepuez-Lichinga, Moçambique

Donor Organization(s): African Dev Bank , Other , JBIC
Project Value: N/A
Project Reference No(s).: AfDB216-691/06
Local Donor Office: yes
Executing Agency: National Roads Administration in Mozambique
Project Duration: N/A

Project Summary
The Republic of Mozambique has obtained a loan from African Development Bank Group (AfDB) to finance jointly with the Japan Bank for International Co-operation (JBIC) and on a parallel basis with the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) the Montepuez- Lichinga Road Project, and plans to use part of the loan proceeds as payment for civil works and consulting services for the project. The project includes the following components:
(1) Civil works for the upgrading to bitumen surfaced standard of the Montepuez-Marrupa Road (203 km), the rehabilitation of the Litunde-Lichinga road (66 km) and the construction of seven bridges between Marrupa and Litunde;
(2) Consultancy services for design review, pre-contract services and supervision of the above civil works;
(3) Road Safety;
(4) Compensation and resettlement;
(5) Project audit services.