sexta-feira, dezembro 01, 2006

Oportunidades 16- Energia em Moçambique

Donor Organization(s): World Bank , African Dev Bank , Nordic Development Fund (NDF) Project Value: N/A
Project Reference No(s).: ADF-BD-WP-2003-82-E
Local Donor Office: N/A
Executing Agency: Direccao Nacional de Energia
Project Duration: 4 Years

Project Summary
The main goal of this project is to deal with issues on expanding access to electricity through grid intensification and renewable energy (NRE) development peri-urban and rural areas. The Project has the following components:
-Power Sector Reform
-Grid-based Electrification
-Independent Grid Rural Electrification
-Renewable Energy Promotion
-Institutional Development and Capacity Building; and
-Audit Services
The total estimated project cost is US$ 37.11 Million (UA 55.62). 19.8% of the cost (US$ 7.33M or UA 10.99 M) will be financed by a loan and a grant from the African Development Fund. Other sources of financing will come from the IDA (US$ 20.4 M or UA 30.61M), the GEF (US$ 1.47M or UA2.21 M), the NDF (US$ 2.91M or UA 4.36M), and the Government of Mozambique (US$ 5M or UA 7.45M).