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Banco Mundial financia combate à SIDA em Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde recebe financiamento para reforçar o seu program de combate contra o SIDA, para promover a utilização de preservativos entre as pessoas de 15-49 anos, para alargar os cuidados às mulheres grávidas e aumentar a oferta de medicamentos contra o SIDA.
O projecto procura envolver empresas com 30 ou mais empregados na forma de parecerias público-privadas.

Cape Verde Receives Additional Funding for HIV/AIDS Activities
WASHINGTON, December 19, 2006
The World Bank Board of Executive Directors today approved an International Development Association (IDA) credit of US$5 million to provide additional funding for the ongoing HIV/AIDS project in Cape Verde.
The original HIV/AIDS project approved in March 2002 aims to support the governments national HIV/AIDS strategy to reduce the spread of HIV infection in the country. It also aims to strengthen national capacity to respond to the epidemic and to mitigate health and socio-economic impacts at the individual, household, and community levels.

The proposed additional financing will help scale up key interventions and identify ways to ensure the sustainability of current efforts in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
The expected outcome will be the higher use of condoms among persons 15-49 years old and among commercial sex workers. The project will also encourage pregnant women to use ante-natal services including voluntary counseling testing (VCT). Finally, the project will support the continuous supply anti-retroviral drugs (ARV), so that facilities providing ARV treatment do not run out of supply.
The cost of the fight against HIV/AIDS cannot be covered at 100 percent in the short to the medium term, noted Maurizia Tovo, the World Bank Task Team Leader for the project. The Coordination Committee to Combat AIDS Secretariat will explore ways to develop partnerships with the private sector, and in particular with sub-sectors that by nature are more exposed to the risk of HIV/AIDS and/or more effective in reaching at-risk groups.
Finally, the public-private partnership will push for 10 percent involvement of private enterprises with 30 or more employees in supporting the National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan.
News Release No. 2007/190/AFR
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