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Cabeolica Project of the Year

Cape VerdeInfraCo Afric developed the Cabeolica project to tap  Cape Verde’s wind resources.
Wind generated power will lower the island nation’s dependency on imported fuel while also helping to reduce power shortages. 
Four of the islands that comprise Cape Verde:Santiago; Sao Vicente; Sal; Boa Vista
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 Sponsoring government ministries
  • Ministry of Economic, Growth and Competitiveness

Statement of project objectives

Primary economic benefits 
  • The project’s energy production will reduce the country’s current consumption of heavy oil fuels translating into significant savings, by supplying aoout 25% of the electricity needs 
  • The project’s additional capacity will help reduce the country’s current power shortage which has been identified as a major hurdle to its growth.
Primary social benefits  
  • Access abundant source of clean / renewable energy.

Approximate scope of project

Cost - $84.0 million
Time Line  commence construction in late 2010 operation 2012

More project information

  • Cape Verde has an approximate population of 500,000 and is growing at a rate of 6% - 7% per year.  
    Real estate and tourism development are major growth drivers which need sufficient infrastructure support in order to thrive.
  • Development plan for 4 wind farm sites in Santiago, S. Vicente, Sal and Boa Vista islands with nominal capacity of approximately 10MW; 6MW and 8MW, 4MW  respectively, subject to an appraisal of the technical consultant currently undertaking the studies.


  • Government of Cape Verde
  • Electra

Cabeolica Wind Cabeolica Wind