terça-feira, julho 03, 2012

Eurozone tests the limits of divergence - 3

The stakes are getting higher as the Eurozone continues to tests the limits of divergence 

What are some of the key differences between the Eurozone and Newton’s pendulum of action/reaction:
- The balls are not the same size and weight …
- The ties may not bind forwever …
The Eurozone  imbalances  are  NOT  self-correcting  
- And little is being done to actually reduce the external imbalances so that net borrowing countries may actually begin to cut their external indebtedness. 

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See also  the excellent article of Paul Krugman on the diagnosis about the causes of  the Eurozone crises: 
- Is the cirisis because of excessive welfare state spending? NO 
- Is the crisis because excessive budget deficits ? NO
- Is he crisis because of excessive balance of payments imbalances ? YES 
The difference is that in a customs and monetary union, a "balance of payments problem" is a catastrophy. Two false diagnosis don't make a right, they make for remedies that kill the patiente. 
Krugman on European Crisis Realities: