segunda-feira, setembro 27, 2010

PPP in the Health Sector, EIPA, Maastricht, 4-5 October 2010

PPP in the Health Sector - Delivering Value for Money
Date:   4-5 October 2010
Place:  EIPA, Maastrich, NL,

Health is a key sector for the future use of PPP in Europe, and there are an increasing number of PPP projects being launched. This practitioners’ workshop aims to present and assess the current role of public-private partnerships in delivering public services in the health sector and their potential future role in doing so. It will address economic, financial, operational and legal considerations and will explore horizontal issues such as the inclusion of clinical services in health care PPP and the impact of changes in clinical techniques, patterns of health care delivery and health care funding on PPP projects.

The objective of the workshop is to provide practical experience in the process of planning and procuring PPP in the health sector.

The workshop will include presentations and discussion of experience of PPP both at European level and in the health sector in different Member States. The style of the workshop will be interactive to ensure the widest possible exchange of experiences and perspectives.

Target Group
The workshop will be of particular interest to those involved in implementing PPP in the health sector, such as policy makers, public officials and private sector service providers, funders and professional advisers in EU Member States, candidate countries and beyond. It should also be of interest to academics and to officials in European organisations.

Michael Burnett, Hemut Brand, Erik Gjötterberg, Christian Jabre, Jens Rauber, Fernando Gonzalez Barroso and Mariana Abrantes de Sousa