sexta-feira, setembro 24, 2010

Infrastructure Crisis Facility - Debt Pool

The Infrastructure Crisis Facility - Debt Pool (ICF-DP) directly addresses the continuing liquidity crisis in emerging market infrastructure financing, caused by the withdrawal of major commercial financial institutions from emerging markets during the recent global financial crisis. The ICF-DP provides direct financing to qualified infrastructure projects in emerging economies and acts as a catalyst for significant co-financing opportunities.
The ICF works closely with IFI-International Financial Institutions such as the IFC, AfDB, ADB, EBRD, etc as originators.

ICF-DP was set up in 2009 as a PIDG  Facility with a €500M funding commitment from the German institution KfW Entwicklungsbank, under a guarantee from the German Government, and US$10m funding from the PIDG Trust using funds provided by KfW.

-Established:September 2009
-Capital:EUR 500m and US$10m, funded by KFW and PIDG Trust (using funds provided by KfW).
-Managed by:Cordiant Capital Inc. and a Board of three Directors chaired by Andrew Bainbridge
-Funded by:KfW and PIDG Trust
-Contact:Bertrand Millot, Chief Investment Officer (,