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Expert in contractual claim management - water and sanitation Mozambique

Expert in contractual claim management - water and sanitation
NTU, Moçambique
Indicative starting date: 15/10/2010
Duration: ca. 60 w/d
Apply By: 4 October 2010 

Project: An independent opinion on technical and legal contractual aspects for the works contracts FED/2007/194-935 and FED/2007/197-270, referring to the rehabilitation and construction of the water sanitation system of Beira city in Sofala provinces

Objectives:The study will provide the decision-makers in the Government of Mozambique and the European Commission with an independent expert that will be part of the of the conciliation process to be conducted by a conciliation committee. In this process, each of the parties to the dispute shall nominate one of the members of the committee (the present independent expert). The third member of the committee who shall be chairman, and who shall be of a nationality other than that of the parties involved, shall be chosen by the other members of the committee. This conciliation process should provide all parties with an independent opinion on the events that have led to an increase in the period of performance and in the additional claimed cost of the works contracts.

Profile of the expert: Degree in Civil Engineering or similar with at least 10 years of activities in the field of completions of infrastructure projects (water supply and sanitation system, buildings, civil engineering)Perfect knowledge of the procedures and the regulations applicable to the works Tenders and Contracts financed by the European Development Funds (General Regulation, General Specifications of Work, Supplies and Services and Rules of procedure of conciliation and arbitration)
Specific Professional Experience: At least 10 years of professional experience in the examination and the analysis of the contractual and non-contractual claims relating to the markets of works against the European Commission or against the beneficiary third state as Contracting Authority;
Successful realization of at least five (3) claims with drafting of amicable draft - agreement of settlement of the litigations in the last five years;
Successful participation in at least three (2) arbitration and conciliation procedures for contracts financed by the EDF

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