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Gestor para Fundação Aga Khan, Cabo Delgado, Moçambique

Regional Programme Manager, senior level
Aga Khan Foundation, Mozambique
Apply By: 01 April 2010

Position Summary:
The Regional Programme Manager will provide leadership and strategic guidance for Aga Khan Foundation (Mozambique)’s integrated Coastal Rural Support Programme (CRSP) in Cabo Delgado Province, northern Mozambique.
CRSP is a long-term development project that is funded by diverse donors.
The programme is implemented in an area protected for its terrestrial and marine biodiversity; while challenging, the region has high potential for agriculture-led economic growth. The programme includes additional inputs in health, education, civil society and habitats.
Overall management of the programme extends to further systematizing operations in this expanding programme, to ensure greater outputs from AKF and donor investments.

The Requirements
• The Regional Programme manager will, at a minimum, possess the following qualifications, skills and professional experience:
• Postgraduate degree in development, social sciences, or in relevant fields
• At least 10 years of working experience in development cooperation, with a minimum of 5 years in related work experience in a leadership position, preferably in Africa
• Management of a multi-sector rural development programme
• Management of administrative systems including budget management, and operations
• Engaging with and building partnerships with public and private sector actors
• Excellent communications skills
• Fluent in English and Portuguese

AKF (Mozambique) Overview

Aga Khan Foundation Mozambique [AKF(Moz)] became active in the country in 2001 with the establishment of the Coastal Rural Support Program Mozambique [CRSP(M)], which implements integrated interventions in the economic development, civil society, education, health and habitat sectors. The ultimate aim of CRSP(M) is to bring about sustainable and equitable improvements to the living standards of women and men in vulnerable rural communities in Cabo Delgado province, the northernmost province in Mozambique. CRSP(M), which recently entered its next five-year strategy, currently works in 191 villages in five districts and supports more than 25,000 households to improve their quality of life.
The five main objectives of this multi-input area development (MIAD) programme are to: i) increase food security and income through broadened market opportunities and increased production capacity; ii) increase the growth and development of a vibrant civil society that is participatory, non-discriminatory and equitable, fosters pluralism and deepens democratic values and can contribute to positive socio-economic development; iii) ensure a more accessible and continuous ladder of quality education opportunities available, particularly for girls and other marginalised students; iv) Improve the health status of the population with a focus on women of reproductive age (15-49) and children under five; v) improve habitats and increase usage of alternative energy through increased access to low-cost ecological construction skills and services and alternative energy supply.
AKF(Moz) collaborates with the other institutions of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) that are present in the country and working in economic, social and cultural development. AKF(Moz)’s administrative unit is located in Maputo. The regional office base, for AKF(Moz)’s Coastal Rural Support Programme is located in Pemba, Cabo Delgado

Key Responsibilities:
Programme Support:
Ensure the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of AKF(Moz)’s CRSP(M); support the CRSP(M) Director of Programmes and team in the review and development of the programme in line with AKF’s strategy for Mozambique.
Provide technical oversight, supervision, support and guidance to the CRSP(M) leadership to enable effective and efficient management of the programme and its strategic development.
Guide the strategic development of the CRSP(M), in collaboration with the CRSP(M) leadership and programme team, the Geneva based programme directors, and the unit’s (AKF) programme development team.
Support the CRSP(M) leadership and senior programme team members in coordination and collaboration activities with the provincial and local governments, partners and communities.
Ensure knowledge management through learning and dissemination of lessons, including action research, stemming from the CRSP(M).
Foster a culture of learning within AKF(Moz), through support of exchange visits for staff, joint meetings and implement appropriate mechanisms for information sharing and learning.
Support the CRSP(M) Director of Programmes and team in the preparation of budgets and work plans, and budgets for new grants in coordination with the Finance team.
Manage and strengthen the regional office and its administrative systems, through working closely with programme staff and the Chief Finance Officer (CFO; in Maputo).
Oversee the structure of CRSP(M) in relation to its district offices and teams, with the aim to increase cost effectiveness and improve programme efficiency.
Participate in the development of administration and HR and policies, and implement approved policies and related procedures. Ensure adherence to the policies by all staff; facilitate review and inputs from staff.
Oversee recruitment of all programme and administrative staff for the regional office in accordance with AKF(Moz)’s HR strategy and policies.
Financial management and control: Assist and support financial management and control functions in the regional office. Work with the regional finance manager in coordination with the CFO.
Support implementation of AKF(Moz)’s financial policies and procedures in the regional office.
Budget Management:
Support the development of the annual programme budget and lead in the process of the overall annual budget for CRSP(M); with the finance team, facilitate monthly pipeline reviews towards ensuring proper management of individual grants. Overall, the RPM will ensure cost efficiency in all operations and programme activities. .
Support the programme officers in the unit in the preparation of budget documents for submission to the AKF Board.
External Relations
As the lead representative for AKF(Moz)’s programme in the region, nurture and maintain good relations with local government, civil society and private stakeholders. In coordination with the AKF(Moz) unit team, participate also in relevant national level policy dialogues and other sector meetings.
Working with other senior staff, keep abreast of developments in government, AKDN agencies, and with partners in the region in support of CRSP(M); develop and continuously cultivate a strong network of partnerships.
Work closely with the Unit’s programme team to maintain contact and working relationships with donor agencies, including private sector donors ’ for briefings on programme progress, and mobilizing additional and new resources. Actively support the Unit’s resource mobilization strategy initiatives.
The RPM will ensure frequent and open communication between the regional and national office.