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Foreign medical doctors in Portugal

More than 11% of medical doctors registered in Portugal are foreign born
Setembro 2009

According to the Ordem dos Medicos, the Portuguese medical association, 4400 foreign doctors are registered in Portugal, of which 2631 from the European Union, especially Spain, 698 from Brasil, and 325 from Latin América.

Doctors from outside the European Union, must obtain recognition for their medical qualifications. The registration process must start with recognition of foreign diplomas by a Portuguese university with similar medical curriculum to that of the candidate’s own foreign medical school. Having been granted equivalency, the candidate may then register with the Ordem dos Medicos, the Portuguese medical association.

Some of the foreign doctors such as those from the PALOP Portuguese-speaking countries may register as medical interns and may leave the country upon completion of the specialization studies. Spanish doctors may have also returned to their home country.
Thus the number of practicing foreign medical doctors may be less than the number registered.
Most of the foreign medical doctors work in the SNS, Sistema Nacional de Saude, the official health service, including the emergency services such as the INEM.
Source: DN
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