terça-feira, setembro 22, 2009

Médico para projecto HIV-SIDA, Moçambique

Apply by: 21 November 2009

Provinicial Coordinator, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation Mozambique

PROVINCIAL PHARMACY ADVISER, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation Mozambique

PROVINCIAL CLINICAL LABORATORY ADVISOR, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation Mozambique

PROVINCIAL ADVISER OF MONITORING AND EVALUATION, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation Mozambique

Clinical Advisor, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation Mozambique

Job Summary
The Foundation's Mozambique office works closely with the USG team and partners and the Ministry of Health in Mozambique, including the provincial and district health teams, to support PMTCT programs in three provinces. With USG/CDC funds to program will expand to include care and ARV treatment in the majority of sites where currently only core PMTCT services are provided. The Foundation's approach is to support the Ministry of Health in increasing access to family focused PMTCT and Care and Treatment programs.
The Clinical Advisor will provide technical assistance and support to the DPS, DDS and health staff at the sites in implementing high quality care and treatment services. He/she will support the strengthening of linkages between PMTCT and care and treatment services. Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Provide technical assistance to health care facilities supported by EGPAF to implement care and ARV treatment services, including staff training and formative supervision, patient flow analysis and referral, support in drug and supply management, support to data collection and monitoring of site performance, linkages for community support.
Technical assistance to the ART team at the site to implement high quality adult and pediatric care and treatment services, including clinical mentoring to strengthen and reinforce clinical skills of practitioners for PMTCT, ART, and diagnosis and treatment of OI.
Coordination of training needs and support the training of ART team and other clinical staff as well as other health staff involved in care and treatment related health services.
Coordinate and supervise required rehabilitation at the sites, including procurement of equipment and supplies;
Develop strong linkages between PMTCT and ART program and ensure functionality of referrals and continuum of care for HIV positive mothers and HIV infected infants into the ART program;
Strengthen linkages between pediatric ward and other points of entry into ART and ensure functionality of referrals and continuum of care;
Collaborate with health staff to develop and strengthen the referral systems and linkages between the different departments and services within the health facilities as well as between health facilities and community based services to ensure follow-up of persons enrolled in care and treatment program;
Develop capacity within the DPS and DDS to perform planning tasks, manage, and supervise the care and treatment program; support establishment and functionality of provincial and district Care and Treatment Taskforce
Support health staff and DDS in data collection and monitoring and evaluation of ART services, to support decision making for management and quality improvement;
Support any operational research (targeted evaluations) to assess efficacy and identify lessons learned and best practices of the care and treatment program;
Management of budget for implementation of ART in the districts;
Prepare and submit monthly activity reports and quarterly EGPAF-required reports to Technical Advisor Care and Treatment and ensure timely feedback to sites and districts.
Develop functional relationships with other partners in the province (NGO/CBO) to ensure coordination of ART training, ART services and related HIV/AIDS preventive and support services.

Required Qualifications
MD Medical Doctor with at least 2 years of experience working in HIV/AIDS programs and international health.
Masters in Public Health or other relevant master degree is an advantage
Essential Skills and Abilities
Extensive clinical experience and excellent knowledge of comprehensive care and treatment of HIV infected adults and children in resource poor settings;
Excellent understanding of current clinical issues and literature on HIV/AIDS treatment
Experience in training, clinical mentoring and supervision;
Skills and knowledge in program management including institutional capacity building and systems development;
Skills and knowledge in use of quality of care assessment and assurance tools;
Excellent analytical, oral and written communication skills. Portuguese language skills a must.
Energetic, independent, self-motivated. Ability to relate and work well cross-culturally.
Good knowledge of Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook) Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
Understanding of the Mozambique Ministry of Health, including the policy and management structures at national and provincial level.