quinta-feira, setembro 03, 2009

UNECE reune especialistas para promover um Centro de Excelência em PPP, 14-Set-09, Londres

A 14-Setembro-2009, em Londres a UNECE reune um grupo de especialistas para discutir e preparar a criação de um Centro de Excelência em PPP, para dar apoio sobretudo ao parceiro público no desenvolvimento de capacidades de gestão de PPP e concessões.

Esta iniciativa visa para promover a partilha de conhecimentos e experiências e a capacitação do parceiro público nas parceria público-privadas. A UNECE, a comissão económica das Nacões Unidas para a Europa, já publicou Orientações para a Boa Governação de Parcerias Público-Privadas e reuniu um grupo de especialistas para preparar um Toolkit ou Manual de PPP para a gestão de processos e projectos em regime de PPP.

Organization: PPP Forum in cooperation with the UNECE Team of Specialists on Public-Private Partnerships
Date: 14-September-2009, 9:30 am – 17.00 pm
Location: 85 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1AE, Temple Tube station

This meeting follows on various initiatives designed to develop and improve the effectiveness of training on PPPs and to create and maintain PPP materials up to date and used by national PPP officials.

Activities of UNECE Team of Specialists on Public-Private Partnerships:
- Capacity-building programme consisting of consultative meetings with Governments on PPP policy and projects
- Elaboration of a Toolkit on how to do PPPs, to be implemented through national PPP road shows
Activities of World Bank
- Elaborating a Global electronic library of information and best practice on PPPs.

In a UN meeting in February, it was determined that the UNECE would establish a centre to coordinate research, education and training activities in the area of PPPs. It is proposed that the PPP Centre would:
1. Develop and maintain a portfolio of case study materials for the various PPP training initiatives
2. Formalise the involvement of the private sector in PPP capacity building
3. develop a dialogue with governments about their needs in the area of PPPs, and work with the appropriate agencies to ensure that these needs are met
4. Interface with the private sector concessionaires and developers, as well as IFIs to assist governments with the implementation of elements necessary for the development of successful PPP programmes
5. Promote the common shared interests of the PPP sector
6. Establish an academic network of institutions and researchers interested in PPPs, and through this network ensure that PPP materials are kept up to date
7. Act as a coordinator for collaboration between national PPP clubs.

The PPP Centre would be a unique network bringing together the private sector, PPP Units, policy makers and researchers meeting on a regular basis, to facilitate the network and information exchange. It is suggested that the PPP Centre would be hosted by the UN Economic Commission for Europe in Geneva, with an annual budget of around €500,000, financed mainly by membership fees from major organizations interested in PPPs.

Agenda of the meeting of 14-Set-09
1. Discussion on proposal to establish a PPP Centre: objective, demand and outcomes
2. UNECE as a potential host organization for the Center
3. Overview of the UNECE PPP capacity-building programme and mutual added value to set up a Center under the UNECE
4. Prospects for emerging-market PPPs in the current economic climate
5. The enhanced role of MLAs in funding PPPs in a time of economic crisis
6. Discussion on information exchanges and support from PPP clubs and private companies
7. Financial issues of running the PPP Center
For more information, please contact Caroline Jeunet at UNECE (