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Avaliação de sistemas de saúde - Moçambique

logoSenior Associate / Monitoring & Evaluation / Health Systems Strengthening Technical Advisor

Abt Associates, Inc. | Apply By 26 March 2011
The International Health Division is committed to the improvement of health and healthcare delivery around the world. Serving both the public and private sectors, our efforts include health policy research and evaluation, health promotion and disease prevention, health finance, and health systems management. Our impact is felt in policies that ensure healthcare access for women, children, and individuals with special needs, in strengthening health infrastructures, and HIV/AIDS solutions.
Minimum Qualifications:
MA/MBA with 13 - 15 years of experience OR PhD with 8 - 10 years of experience OR the equivalent combination of education and experience.
Job Responsibilities:
The Monitoring and Evaluation Analyst / Health Systems Strengthening Technical Advisor is responsible for the analysis and interpretation of data from routine programmatic sources (patient-level data, aggregate data such as monthly reports, etc), quality improvement activities (process improvement activities, standards of care assessments, CLINIQUAL, etc), operations research for its interpretation into strategic information (SI) targeted towards quality improvement (QI) initiatives, and collaborating with provincial and district level health authorities on HIS coordination and strengthening (increasing capacity to use data at provincial and district levels etc).  Working in close collaboration with the Abt Associates M&E and HSS team and technical staff at national and provincial level,  the M&E Analyst will coordinate training and capacity building activities for data analysis, interpretation, dissemination, and use of SI for QI across all levels.  These activities must be conducted in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health and DPS in the Central Provinces to build capacity and influence program policy.

  1. Stronger and more sustainable systems and institutions;
  2. Improved linkages and integration of HIV and related primary health care services (MCH, TB, Malaria, etc);
  3. Increased access and use of high quality HIV services;
KEY RESPONSIBILITIES (endnotes correspond to expected results):
  • Design and implement standard operating procedures and templates for transformation of routine data into formats that are conducive to analysis and interpretation across all levels; 
  • Design training materials and capacitate key staff at national and provincial levels in routine data analysis and interpretation, as well as the application of SI for quality improvement;
  • Support training workshops, and provide routine technical assistance and capacity building in data analysis and interpretation at the national and provincial level to enable the transformation of programmatic data into strategic information for evidenced-based decision making, quality improvement, and planning; 
  • Participate and contribute to, whenever requested, in national HIS technical working group meetings/structures (adhoc or statutory);
  • Keeping abreast of HIS developments and policy developments in Mozambique and ensuring that national standards and protocols are applied at provincial and district level;
  • Support routine quality improvement activities driven by strategic information (for example, findings from CLINIQUAL, as well as findings from process improvement activities to assess and improve patient flow, waiting times, referral mechanisms, data quality, etc.);
  • Provide technical support and capacity building for the successful implementation of key activities outlined in the Provincial M&E Officer terms of reference;
  • Provide support to CHASS SMT provincial HIS/M&E advisors to organize provincial and district health data meetings on a quarterly and semi-annual basis, and ensure use of this strategic information for evidenced-based decision making, quality and planning, especially as relates to donor coordination at the provincial level;
  • Provide technical assistance and capacity building in the planning, implementation and dissemination of findings of special studies and analyses (operations research, Public Health Evaluations, etc), including studies: to identify challenges and best practices, test quality improvement initiatives, and assess costs/benefits of different models of HIV and integrated services packages, etc;
  • Support the interpretation of M&E findings for project planning, decision-making, course correction and communication of successes;
  • Assist in developing systems to measure and document program process, output and impact data results by routinely and systematically collecting, aggregating, analyzing and presenting program data for project staff, partners, counterparts, and donors;
  • Presents results of project achievments and outputs in written reports and at conferences and meetings as needed
  • Medical Degree and a Masters Degree in Public Health, Statistics, Epidemiology, Demography or other relevant field with at least 13-15 years of experience, preferably in Mozambique;
  • At least 5 years of relevant professional experience designing and implementing M&E activities and special studies for complex health systems strengthening and/or service delivery programs;
  • Significant professional experience in HIV/AIDS project implementation;
  • Expertise in both quantitative and qualitative research methods required;
  • Firm command of M&E issues with respect to improvements in service delivery;
  • A high degree of computer literacy required, including experience in analysis software (including Excel and Access, with experience in at least one of the following: SPSS, EPiInfo, Arc GIS, etc);
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, initiative, good judgment, and problem-solving abilities;
  • Portuguese language fluency and technical knowledge of English:
  •  Ability to independently plan and execute complex tasks while addressing daily management details and remaining organized and focused on long-term deadlines and strategy.
PLEASE APPLY ONLINE: to Job Requisition #2011-5438