sexta-feira, janeiro 09, 2009

Assistência Técnica - Energia para Moçambique

Procedure: International restricted procedure.
Contracting authority: The National Authorising Officer, Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Maputo, Mozambique.
Contract description: The action comprises technical assistance activities for enhancing the energy planning and management capabilities at the Ministry of Energy, complemented with hands-on work, short-term courses and country study visits for the personnel dealing with energy related matters at central and provincial government, with particular incidence on dealing with the scarcity of wood fuels for cooking in urban and peri-urban areas and improving access to adequate energy services in rural areas.
The expected results for the action are as follows:
1. Established detailed energy account systems in application.
2. Energy officials conversant with relevant energy planning and management tools and policy formulation.
3. Established a basic infrastructure of knowledge on the energy situation and development options and of the routines and tools for its review and update.
4. Identified energy development scenarios, policy and strategies for contributing to sustainable use of traditional biomass fuels use in urban areas and improved access to modern energy services in rural areas. 5. Identified and recommended draft support measures and pilot project plans to promote desirable energy related developments.
Maximum budget: EUR 230 000.