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Assessor para Ministtério de Solidariedade Social, Timor

Position: Corporate Services Management Adviser A043 - Ministry of Social Solidarity
Project: East Timor Public Sector Capacity Development Program
Location: Dili, Timor-Leste, with some travel to the Districts
Assignment Starts: February 2009
Applications Close: Thursday 5 February 2009
Duration: 12 months
Advertised By: GRM International
Contact email hilary.goode@grmi...

Reports to: Minister for Social Solidarity (day to day) and Program Manager, PSCDP or his delegate (contractual and performance related matters)
Counterpart: Director of Finance and Administration, Ministry of Social Solidarity (MoSS)
Other stakeholders: AusAID, UNDP, USAID, UNOTIL, and the World Bank

The Ministry of Social Solidarity is the Government's main body responsible for the design, execution, coordination and assessment of the policies defined and approved by the Council of Ministers for the areas of social assistance, social security and community reinsertion. It is incumbent upon the Ministry of Social Solidarity:
a. To design and implement social security systems for workers and for the remaining population;
b. To develop programs of social assistance and humanitarian aid for the most underprivileged and in the event of natural disasters;
c. To promote programmes of demobilization, retirement and pensions for former National Liberation combatants and veterans;
d. To monitor the insertion into communities of veterans and former combatants;
e. To monitor and protect the community reinsertion of other vulnerable groups;
f. To set up collaboration and coordination mechanisms with other government bodies responsible for related areas.

Working closely with the Director of Finance and Administration the adviser will support:
1. The implementation of structural and management requirements, particularly those related to new initiatives outlined in the Ministry organic law
2. The implementation of the Strategic Plan, and maintaining and updating Ministry planning processes .
3. The development and implementation of financial management systems and procedures (including budget support and reporting , procurement and logistics)
4. The development and implementation of human resource management systems and procedures that accord with the Civil Service Act and Regulations (in consultation with NDPS and/or the proposed Civil Service Commission)
5. The establishment and operation of means of interaction with relevant central agencies such as Ministry of Finance and the proposed Civil Service Commission
6. Interactions between the Ministry and other stakeholders
7. The review of systems and procedures associated with the core activities of the Ministry

Most of the work will consist in advising senior management of the Ministry about the matters referred to above.
The adviser will be expected to build the capacity of the Ministry in the areas mentioned - in terms of organisational structure and design; systems and procedures; skills and knowledge; and norms and values.

The adviser will produce:
1. Within one month of arrival, a work plan for the first 6 months, based on the contextual analysis undertaken previously which specifies outputs and outcomes. The latter will entail making an assessment of the changes that are, or are likely to be, taking place in the Ministry as a result to recent initiatives in relation to Corporate Services and strategic planning
2. Within two months of arrival, a capacity development plan that is set against any constraints identified in the contextual analysis and addresses all of the aspects of capacity development referred to above.
3. An analysis of gender and equity (of access and so on) issues as these pertain to the Ministry.
4. Periodic progress reports as required by the reporting requirement of PSCDP.

The adviser's work will clearly need to be highly collaborative, with counterparts, with other advisers, with other relevant agencies (such as MoF and the proposed Civil Service Commission), and with donors, particularly AusAID.
Relevant background documents for review by the adviser will have been collected before she/he arrives.
The adviser will also be expected to work closely with the PSCDP Program Manager and/or his delegate.

Qualifications: A Bachelor degree in business or management is required. An MBA or similar qualification is desirable.
The adviser must have held a senior management position, preferably at a level equivalent to that of Director, Corporate Services, in a government agency responsible for functions that are the same or similar to those of the Ministry.
Experience of financial and human resource management in such agencies is also required.
The adviser should also have had experience as an adviser in developing countries and of capacity development in such settings, although this requirement is not essential. I think this requirement is essential.
Skills - technical:
The adviser must be able to demonstrate high level accomplishment in: human resource management and financial management; organizational analysis and design; capacity development; and report writing.
Skills - language:
The main languages spoken in government are Tetun, Bahasa Indonesia, English, and Portuguese. A high level of proficiency in written and spoken English or Portuguese is required. The ability to speak any of the other languages mentioned will be an advantage.
Skills - interpersonal:
The position demands strong interpersonal and intercultural skills; and the ability to work (possibly through an interpreter) in stressful and less than ideal operating circumstances and, hence, patience and perseverance.
Please go to under ‘project management' for the detailed Terms of Reference, Selection Criteria and Cover Sheet.
The position will be for 12 months.

Selection Process
GRM will review written applications to determine compliance with mandatory criteria and completion of application documentation (including providing a bid for professional fees) and the Selection Panel will prepare a shortlist of candidates for interview with reference to the Terms of Reference and the Selection Criteria;
Interviews will be conducted by phone and the panel will most likely include a representative of the Government of Timor-Leste; and
A decision will be made on the successful applicant following referee checks.

Instructions for Applicants:
All applications are screened for compliance upon receipt. Only those applications that comply with all instructions and include a completed Application Cover Sheet (see below) will be forwarded to the staff responsible for assessment.
Please contact Hilary Goode via email on: (+61 3 8676 6820) if you have any questions.

Please submit with your application:
A completed application cover sheet
A covering letter of no more than 3 pages addressing your suitability for the position against criteria outlined below. The cover letter must demonstrate your understanding of the requirements of the position and address each of the Qualifications, Experience and Skills Criteria as well as Language/Interpreter requirements mentioned in the Terms of Reference;
A price per month in $AUD - exclusive of standard allowances and reimbursable expenses (ie professional fees only). Standard allowances and reimbursable expenses are noted at C. Standard Allowances in the Terms of Reference below; and
Your curriculum vitae.
Please click here for the detailed Terms of Reference, Selection Criteria and Cover Sheet.
Applications should be in English and should not contain any additional material.

A panel will assess applications on the basis of technical merit and value for money.
Applications that are assessed by the panel as being technically suitable for the assignment will receive a financial assessment. Final scores will be weighted as follows:
♦ 80% for technical score
♦ 20% for financial score
The final score is calculated as follows:
(Lowest Price / Applicant's Price x 20) + (Technical Score [out of 100] x 0.8)