sexta-feira, maio 15, 2015

Harvard case teaching seminar in Lisbon, 28-Sept-2015

Harvard Business Publishing in Lisbon offers  a 1-day intensive workshop on teaching with cases.on September 28, 2015 in Lisbon for the first time.  
During the first half of the day, attendees play the role of student, discussing cases as in a traditional participant-centered MBA class. The seminar facilitator uses these sessions to model effective techniques for questioning, listening, and guiding the discussion.
During the second half of the day, attendees shift to the mindset of a professor preparing a case. Participants practice crafting a teaching plan, devise conversation-driving discussion questions, and map out board plans.
By the end of the workshop, seasoned teachers will gain higher levels of proficiency in leading case discussions, while new case teachers can expect to learn core skills.
To see more resources on case teaching, visit the Case Method Teaching web page.