terça-feira, dezembro 15, 2009

Road and Transport Meetings, Lisbon 2010

16th IRF (International Road Federation) World Meeting
Lisbon Congress Centre, Portugal
25-28 May 2010

The 16th IRF World Meeting will be attended by major international players from the road sector. Roads and their users, the role of roads in trade and life, roads and their impact on society; these are issues needing answers, both now and in the future.
The aim of the 16th IRF World Meeting is to provide a forum for debates, discussions and proposals leading to tomorrow’s sustainable solutions.
Theme 4: Road Finances & Management
1-PPP for urban road network
2-Innovations in PPP
3-Road financing policy
4-Road asset management and production systems
5-Road maintenance management
Panamericano de Transportes y Congresos Mundial de Investigacion en los TransportesLisboa, 15- 18 Julho 2010
Lisbon Congress Center
The 12th WCTR Lisbon 2010 conference will be hosted by Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), a prestigious school of Engineering, Science and Technology. IST, created in 1911, is the largest and most reputed school of Engineering, Science and Technology in Portugal. R&D at IST is performed in institutes, research centers and research groups, among which CESUR, Centre for Urban and Regional Systems, at the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, where the group of researchers organizing the Conference belongs.

It will include sessions European Transport policies, climate change, ITS intelligent transportation systems, inter-modal logistics, mega-project management, transport economic regulation, etc