quinta-feira, dezembro 10, 2009

Marguerite, novo Fundo investe em infraestrutura

O BEI e outras cinco instituições financeiras oficiais europeias lançaram um fundo de investimento para aplicações capital em novos projectos de infraestrutura, energia e alterações climáticas.
The "Marguerite Fund" -- a pan-European equity fund -- was launched with initial capital of 600 million euros to provide equity or quasi equity to companies which own or operate infrastructure in the sectors of transport and energy.
The investors in the Fund and other long term credit institutions, intend to establish a Debt Co-Financing Initiative of up to EUR 5 billion, providing a source of long term debt for the projects that Marguerite invests in.
The Marguerite Fund will be advised by an independent advisory team now being selected.
The advisory team will start work in the first quarter of 2010 and be responsible for originating and appraising potential investments.

A Management Board will be responsible for overall management and administration of the Fund under the supervision of a Supervisory Board, which includes the European Commission. The Fund will focus on greenfield investments within its target sectors, namely
(i) Transport, in particular trans-European transport networks (TEN-T),
(ii) Energy, in particular trans-European energy networks (TEN-E) and
(iii) Renewable Energies, including sustainable energy production, clean transport infrastructure, energy distribution and systems for hybrid transport (e.g. wind, solar (CSP and PV), geothermal, biomass, biogas, hydro, waste-to-energy projects).
Press contacts:European Investment Bank, Sabine Parisse
Fonte: EUBusinesss,