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Especialista de Transportes para Malawi e Moçambique

Junior roads and rail transport expert, eastern Africa
Position: Expert junior in Transport
Staring date: 15th March 2010, 83 working days
Education: Advanced University degree in Transport Planning, Transport Economics & civil engineering
Experience 3 years of general work experience
Languages Fluent english, spoken knowledge of Portuguese

The global objective of the assignment is to design an overall strategy for multimodal development in transport sector in Malawi, with emphasis on private sector participation on regional and international corridors with an aim of reduce import/export costs.

Key requirements
You will have experience in most of the following fields: transport integrated planning, transport economics, transport sector regulation (particularly rail) and transport policy, PPP development and PSP facilitation, and civil engineering. Also an experience in all of the transport subsectors (air, rail, marine and road) will be highly appreciated.It is also essential you have already worked in developing countries and had previous involvement in institutional development.

Requested services
The specific objectives and the outcomes are as follows:
- Assessment of the current status of all components of the Malawi multimodal transport system based on the review of all regional transport corridors, in multimodal fashion, with respect to their capacities, economic values and benefits,
- Assessment of the main economic sectors in Malawi, dependant on transport services and their present and forecasted growth,
- Assessment of the potential for engaging in PPP or PSP operation in the above mentioned transport sub-sectors including road, rail, water and air transport, focusing on transport corridors.
- Preparation of Malawi Multimodal Transport Sector development strategy.
The strategy should list the potential investment plans, indicate whether there is possibility for engaging PPP or PSP components in these investment plans, and assess the scale of private investment if PPP or PSP is considerate to be possible.
- Prioritization of potential investments plans and their components for Malawi. The prioritization will be made under the unconstrained and constrained budgetary considerations.

The consultants will use all available data obtained from the existing studies, with updated information from various ministries and institutions, concessionaires, neighboring countries and will carry out the most important visual inspections and verifications as deem to be necessary as to take the liability for the final product under this assignment. Data collection will be done by the Ministry of transport under the supervision of an expert financed by the World Bank. The team leader under this framework contract will be mobilized at the beginning of the study in Malawi to agree with the Government, the World Bank and the expert paid by the World Bank about the data to be collected.