sexta-feira, junho 12, 2009

Engenheiro Consultor Moçambique

Consultant Engineer (2009066)
Country/Region: Mozambique
Apply By: 10 July 2009
Organization(s): International Relief & Development
Please use company website to apply
Contract Length: Full-time staff position, Duration: 20-30 Working Days
Reference No: 213654

International Relief & Development (IRD) is seeking a qualified Civil Engineer with knowledge of Mozambique's construction business environment and experience in vertical structure projects in Mozambique for a short term consultancy.

General Responsibilities:
- Provide technical input on designs, BOQs and specification;- Interview selected subcontractors and services companies;- Perform site visits and risk assessments with IRD engineers and other staff;- Other duties as required.
Specific Responsibilities:
- Perform an overall evaluation and analysis of the existing design and construction companies in Mozambique;
- Establish practical risk factors and mitigation measures for design/construction of the targeted facilities in Mozambique;
- Participate in and provide detailed inputs during the pre-proposal and proposal development stage;
- Develop cost estimates of design and construction'- Document all findings.
- Bachelor or Masters (preferred) in Civil Engineering or a related degree
- Proven experience in multi-million dollar sized construction projects in a complex environment; experience in Mozambique strongly preferred
- English language required; Good written and oral communications skills
- Knowledge and experience with Portuguese language
- Excellent interpersonal skills, including patience, diplomacy, willingness to listen and respect for colleagues