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Especialista em finanças públicas para Guiné-Bissau

Date Posted: 25 Feb 2008
Organization: ECORYS Research & Consulting
Country/Region: Guine-Bissau
Apply By: 05 Mar 2008
Contact Information : Email: Fax:+31 10 453 87 39
Please reference the "Recruiting Center at" when you apply by email.
ToR can be downloaded from

Assignment: Preparation of an impact assessment, which has been foreseen in the Technical and Administrative Provisions (TAP) of the project’s Financing Agreement, will provide the decision-makers in the Government of Guinea-Bissau, the relevant external co-operation services of the European Commission and the wider public with sufficient information to:
(a) make an overall independent assessment of the past performance of EC-budget support in Guinea Bissau (ABS I and II), paying particularly attention to the impact of the project actions against its objectives;
(b) identify key lessons and to propose practical recommendations for follow-up actions, including the preparation of a new general budget support programme (ABS IV) under the 10th EDF/NIP.
The team will be composed of 2 experts with the following profiles and qualifications:
Expert 1 • senior expert, category I or II, team leader, economist/project planner or analyst, university education, extensive and relevant experience (minimum 10 years); • a solid and diversified experience in the specific field of macroeconomics, including experience in budget support and development issues; • a solid and diversified experience in the evaluation of projects; • Sound knowledge of Portuguese and excellent report writing in French or English; • fully conversant with the principles and working methods of project cycle management and EC aid delivery methods.;
Expert 2 • category III, university education and relevant experience (minimum 5 years); • experience in the field of public finances management; • full working knowledge of Portuguese and/or French, and excellent report writing;
The composition of the team of experts should be balanced to enable complete coverage of the different aspects of project evaluation, as set out in these terms of reference, and programme formulation. The team as a whole should possess a sound level of knowledge and experience in the West African region or African Portuguese speaking countries.