sábado, julho 15, 2017

Cabo Verde - concurso para preparação de projetos de mitigação e financiamento climático

Republic of CABO VERDE Strategic tools to support mitigation activities in key sectors in Cabo Verde The CABO VERDE has received from the African Development Bank (BAD) for a grant from the African Climate Change Fund (ACCF) to finance Strategic tools to support mitigation activities in key sectors in Cabo Verde
The project aims to enhance Cabo Verde’s capacity to access climate finance in support of its proposed targets for low-carbon development through the elaboration of climate change mitigation projects for strategic sectors (energy and waste) and by mobilizing climate finance from the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to Cabo Verde

The project includes two (2) components:
(1) Development of mitigation instruments for strategic sectors (energy and waste); and 
(2) Mobilize climate finance inflows to Cabo Verde mitigation activities. 

The mode of procurement are: Procurement of consulting services financed from ACCF resources will be carried out in accordance with the AfDB’s rules and procedures for the Use of Consultants, dated May 2008 and revised July 2012, using the relevant standard bidding documents (SBDs) revised November 2013 for the request for Proposals (RFPs) for Consulting firms. The tender documents should be available from June 2017. 

Interested bidders may obtain further information and must confirm their intention, at the following address: 
The Executing Agency: National Directorate of Environment
 C.P. - 115, Chã d’Areia – Praia Republic of Cabo Verde 
Contact person: Iderlindo Santos Phone : +238 2618984/IP: +238 (333)7170 / IP: +238 (333)7185 


The direct beneficiaries of ACCF include African governments, NGOs, research organisations and regional institutions. The Bank may also be an indirect beneficiary of the fund. The eligibility of NGOs and research organisation for ACCF funding will depend, among other things, on their credibility and their outcomes in terms of financial governance. Also, they need to be based in Africa.