sábado, outubro 22, 2016

Moçambique recebe assistência técnica para preparar projecto de saneamento e resíduos em Chimoio e Inhambane

Africa Water Facility
Development Plan and Feasibility Study for Urban Sanitation, Drainage and Solid Waste Management in Chimoio and Inhambane
The African Water Facility (AWF) grants €1,8 million to Mozambique to finance a development plan and feasibility studies for urban sanitation, drainage and solid waste management in Chimoio and Inhambane.
The 310,000 inhabitants of the two municipalities are facing serious sanitation and urban flood issues.

Mozambique is affected by recurring floods. This is caused by a combination of insufficient storm water drainage, river overflowing and sea intrusion during storms. Sanitation coverage is low in Mozambique. In urban areas only 55-60% of the population has access to sanitation services.
August 2016

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