sábado, outubro 22, 2016

Cabo Verde recebe apoio para desenvolver mercado de energia solar distribuida

Resultado de imagem para energia solar cabo verdeWorld Bank
Cabo Verde aims to have 50% renewable enegy by 2020- 
The project seeks to increase the generation of solar energy in Cabo Verde The USD 1 million grant will finance three components:
 (i) Co-financing of the initial investment: support the installation of a capacity of 300 kW of solar PV and water heating equivalent in a minimum of three sites.
(ii) Technical assistance (TA): comprehensive assessment of the market for rooftop solar panels and water heaters in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors in Cabo Verde, and targeted TA to the GOCV with the design and implementation of enabling regulations.
(iii) Implementation support: to support technical implementation and dissemination of the results and the lessons learned. The grant was signed on February 10, 2016 and will be implemented under the supervision of the Direcção Geral de Energia (DGE) by the Unidade de Gestão de Projectos Especiais (UGPE).   2016

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