segunda-feira, agosto 27, 2012

Building capacity to promote PPPs in Africa - Workshop in Mombasa, August 2012

The East African Chamber of Commerce has launched a network of  Public Private Partnership Project Advisory Unit (PPP PAUN) in order to strengthen the local private sectorand to influence policy and public infrastructure project selection and implementation at the national and community level in Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.  

This is an initiative by the East African Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture (EACCIA), with the support of the European Union. 

EACCIA's vision is to be a credible partner for government in the creation of a business environment conducive to the development of a strong private sector throughout the East African Community. This is to be achieved by 
  • Articulating well developed proposals for removing constraints facing business, industrial & agricultural community
  • Promoting unity and knowledge sharing amongst stakeholders within the private sector
  • Collaborating closely with Governments to make the East African Community more attractive to investors
To launch the PPP Advisory Network, a Workshop took place in Mombasa, Kenya 
Theme: Reinforcing the capacities of East Africa to identify, develop and promote PPPs for infrastructure”
Date:  9-10 August 2012
Participants: representatives from all member countries
Organization:  EACCIA with BKP and the support of ACP Business Climate Facility (BizClim), a programme of the ACP Secretariat funded by the European Union

The Workshop incluedd a training session on developing small and micro PPPs led by Mariana ABRANTES de Sousa,  which can be obtained from PPP Lusofonia or found here: 
Direct link to all workshop presentations list: