segunda-feira, agosto 01, 2011

Especialista de equipamento de segurança alimentar para projecto em Angola

Verification mission of supply of analytical laboratory equipment for the Food Safety Capacity Building on residue control project destined to Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Namibia, Seychelles, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe".

Ø The Consultants’ team shall include 2 junior experts for a total number of 47 working days (see point 4 below). The team leader will be designated by the Consultant in his offer. The team leader will be responsible for the reporting.

Ø Education: The experts should have a university degree of at least 4 years or equivalent diploma in Sciences or other fields related to the contract OR a relevant professional experience of at least 6 years above the professional experience required below.

Ø General professional experience: Both experts should have at least 3 years of experience in fields related to the lot no 10 of the FWC Beneficiaries 2009 (trade, standards and private sector). 

Ø Specific professional experience:
·         Both experts should have at least two years of experience in the utilisation of laboratory equipment.
·         At least one of the experts should have two years of experience in the import/export of technical equipment in/to African countries and a good knowledge of custom clearing procedures. It would be considered a strong asset if the second expert has also such an experience.
·         Specific experience in the use of equipment similar to the one concerned by the supply contract to be audited will be a strong asset.
·         Previous experience in the audit of supply contracts will be a strong asset.

Language skills: Both experts shall be perfectly fluent in English. Fluency in French and in Portuguese is required for the expert(s) who will visit Congo and Angola respectively.

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