domingo, fevereiro 14, 2010

Conference on Financial Globalization, Madrid, 1-2 July 2010

Conference on Financial Globalization: Shifting Balances
Madrid, Spain

CALL FOR PAPERS – Deadline: 15-February-2010

The goal of the conference is to bring together academics and policy makers to discuss the links between the recent crisis and financial globalization, broadly focusing on two main themes:

i) the two-way relationship between global imbalances and the crisis;
ii) the impact of the crisis on the process of financial globalization.

Special consideration will be given to the analysis of policy responses and the challenges faced by policy makers related to both issues, as well as the implications for emerging markets and Latin America.

The topics of the conference include:
* Capital flows before, during and after crises
* Dynamics of savings, investment, and current accounts
* The future of financial globalization
* Financial development, international banking, and financial structure
* The role of exchange rates and interest rates
* International policy coordination and global financial architecture

Organizer(s): Banco de España: Enrique Alberola, Aitor Erce-Domínguez, Juan Ruiz. CREI: Fernando Broner. The World Bank: Augusto de la Torre, Tatiana Didier
Institution: The conference is sponsored by Banco de España and the World Bank, with the academic support of CREI

Location: Banco de España, Madrid
Attendance: Open attendance
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