sábado, agosto 15, 2009

Gestor de Avaliação de Projecto para Timor

Date posted: 12 August 2009
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Organization(s): World Vision International
Country/Region: Timor-Leste
Apply by: 07 September 2009

The Design, Monitoring and Evaluation (DME) Manager will formulate and implement program/project design, monitoring and evaluation systems to improve the quality of ministry in WVTL's areas and projects, as guided by the National Strategy. The DME Manager will also provide capacity building and coaching to staff to help them move through the Learning through Evaluation with Accountability and Planning (LEAP) program/project cycle.
The DME Manager is accountable for:
+ Capacity building of DME officers and project staff on LEAP requirements and standards
+ Leadership and management of the DME Unit within the Program Department
+ Leading program/project design, and
+ Leading program/project monitoring and evaluation based on an agreed operations plan. Measurement of World Vision Timor Leste (WVTL) program impact

The incumbent must be able to:
1. Develop a DME Strategy for WVTL.
2. Build technical and management capacity in local staff (especially field based M&E Coordinators, the DME Associate Managers and Project Co-ordinators) including LEAP, Participatory Learning Appraisal/Participatory Rural Appraisal (PLA/PRA), and technical support in Transformational Development Indicators (TDI).
3. Manage the coordination of project monitoring/evaluations and ensure that donor/proposal requirements are met.
4. Develop evaluation plans and tools and write evaluation reports.
5. Ensure quality and accurate reports are submitted to donors on time. Carry out report writing training as necessary.
6. Establish a mechanism for knowledge sharing between district offices. Assist Area Managers to ensure that Indicator Tracking Tables (ITT) targets are met and trouble shoot/problem solve where necessary.
7. Provide support to Program Managers in the collection, analysis and writing of essential data.
8. Work with field staff to develop concept notes and plan their growth from a field perspective and according to the WVTL National Strategy.
9. Work with the Communications Officer to prepare and publish stories based on WVTL work, best practice and lessons learned.
10. Undertake regular field trips throughout the year, spending approximately equal time across all 3 field locations.
11. Point person for 2 to 3 WV Partnership global initiatives (e.g Child well being indicators, Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs (HEA), communications).
12. Attend and contribute to spiritual and team devotions.
1) University Bachelor degree of development management, social science or related fields
2) Strong presentation, facilitation and coordination skills
3) Excellent interpersonal communication skill, and ability to work closely and supportively within a team
4) Understanding of basic DME principles
5) Good analytical/problem solving skills and an eye for detail
6) Proficiency in English (especially reading and writing) and good report writing skills
7) At least 2 years experience in program/project planning and/or design, monitoring, and evaluation
8) Demonstrated competency in implementing assessments/evaluations, including: designing assessment/evaluation methodology, data collection and analysis tools, managing data collection in the field, and analyzing data
9) Commitment to life-long learning
10) Flexible and ability to adapt
11) Can work independently as well as work well in a team
12) Commitment to and understanding of transformational development among the poor.
1) Degree or training in monitoring & evaluation or program/project planning
2) Good computer skills
World Vision é uma rede que consiste aproximadamente 30 mil pessoas trabalhando para mais de 3,6 milhões de crianças em todo o mundo. Neste desafio, a criança é o ponto focal da transformação das famílias e comunidades. Assim, impactam positivamente a vida de milhões de pessoas que hoje estão à margem da sociedade.