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Gestor de projectos para Timor - transportes

Project Management Engineer (Transport & Communications)
Date Posted: 22 Jul 2008
Organization: Sinclair Knight Merz
Country/Region: Timor
Apply By: 05 Aug 2008
Contact Information : Email:
Contract Location: Timor-Leste Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM) is market leader in providing international development services in a broad range of sectors, including education, health, water/sanitation, environment, governance, infrastructure, transport and agriculture. Adding value through delivering excellent project outcomes is a core value at SKM. Our clients value our competence and our commitment to their vision.
Description of Opportunity (12 person-months): The project aims to improve opportunities for economic participation and improve access to basic social services for all East Timorese. The expected outcome of the program is that infrastructure assets are created and upgraded in line with medium term National Development plan targets, including transport, communications, urban development, power and water supply and sanitation.
The TA will be implemented over 4 years. It commenced in Nov 2007 and comprises two linked components: (i) Executing capital development programs, and (ii) Building project management capacity. Capital development programs will help the Ministry of Infrastructure (MoI) prepare and procure contracts for consultant services, goods, and works in line with annual capital development work plans and manage the implementation of these projects. Capacity building will directly compliment this component by helping the ministries prepare multi-year capital development programs for incorporation in the government’s annual national budget. Building project management capacity will improve and strengthen processes, systems and staff competencies for project management in the Ministry of Infrastructure.
Application Instructions: Email your CV, writing the project, name and position in the subject box to Sonya Sampson at .
Applicant Requirements:
1.All candidates must be professional engineers possessing a degree in engineering with a minimum of 5 years relevant experience.
2.The candidate must be experienced working in developing nations.
3.The candidate should also have prior experience working in South East Asia – preferably in Timor-Leste or Indonesia. Knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia, Tetum and/or Portuguese would also be an advantage.
4.Prior experience working on large teams for donor agencies is required.
5.Experience in training and capacity building will also be highly regarded.
Description of Duties:
1.In consultation with the Procurement Division, identify specialist skills required for preparing procurement documentation; and prepare scope of work and brief terms of reference for such specialists.
2.Ensure all relevant environmental and social safeguard assessments and management /mitigation plans are prepared and implemented.
3.Prepare terms of reference for consulting services contracts (design, supervision, etc.). 4.Prepare specifications /designs/bills of quantities for procurement of goods and works.
5.Assist the Procurement Division to evaluate tenders, bids, proposals; and prepare a bid evaluation report.
6.Take over the management of projects/contracts following award of contract.
7.Evaluate contracts /programs and recommend improvements as needed.
8.Assess existing project/contract management procedures.
9.Develop project/contract management procedures and systems.
10.Provide project management and implementation support including assistance with field supervision activities.
11.Ensure that financial management and reporting systems as specified by MoPF and funding agencies (if applicable) are complied with and maintained.
12.Monitor payments to suppliers, contractors, and consultants.
13.Manage project scope and change control processes/contract variations.
14.Monitor project/contract scheduling.
15.Monitor quality control and quality assurance. 16.Establish communication/reporting procedures.
17.Prepare the project engineering portion'of the TA's SCBP.
18.Provide on-the-job training and other support.
19.Coordinate project engineering- capacity-building activities with other related programs.