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Formadores - Banca e Supervisão Bancária para Angola

Trainers - Supervison of Financial Institutions (several fields of expertise)
Date Posted: 05 Dec 2007
Organization: CESO CI - Consultores Internacionais, SA
Country/Region: Angola
Apply By: 4 Jan 2008
Contact Information :
Please reference the "Recruiting Center at" when you apply by email.

Several (team leader and several trainers)
Global Objective: The objective for this assignment is to hire consultants with enough experience to train the BNA/DSI staff in a large number of tools related with the enlargement of their critical capabilities, execution, the analysis and assessment in the matters related with the supervision of the institutions of the financial system.
The Team Leader must be an expert with at least ten (10) years of experience and must have broad understanding of the all the related areas to bank supervision and provide strategic guidance in both (i) technical, operational and legal areas to ensure, inter alia, that technical skills that are built are relevant for BNA and (ii) capacity building.
He is responsible for quality control; He must be able to communicate effectively in Portuguese or at least in Spanish both with his team and BNA management.
Trainers: The experts’ team must be composed by individuals with (i) technical knowledge, (ii) technical experience and (iii) training experience in the different areas covered by these Terms of Reference, and with at least ten (10) years of experience. Most are likely to be or have been bank supervisors/inspectors.
The experts must cover at least one or more of the following technical areas listed below.
- Economics and banking
- Role of banks and prudential supervision.
- The international bank supervision standards (Basel 1 and 2 Principles)
- General Accounting: IAS and IFRS;
- Banking Accounting: Basic and Intermediate;
- Bank management and typical bank operations;
- Bank supervision: Strategic and operational approaches including functions, steps, activities, cycles, supervisory ratings;
- Governance of banks: review of board composition and functioning, accounting procedures, internal controls, audit programs, information systems and disclosure;
- Individual credit risk analysis: corporate cash flow analysis, loan classification, loan provisioning and income/loss recognition;
- Loan portfolio risk administration and management; - Operational risks analysis: Information Technology Supervision, continuity and contingency planning;
- Securities market: market abuse and insider dealing;
- Treasury activities, cash management including foreign exchange operations;
- Information Technology: advanced Excel as an analytical tool;
- Proficiency to communicate effectively in Portuguese or at least in Spanish.