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5 Consultores de longo prazo para Timor Leste

UNIFEM, Country Programme Manager, Timor-Leste
Projectos incluem apoio a sobreviventes de violência, marketing de tecidos tradicionais, promoção de liderança das mulheres para a promoção da paz.

Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM), Quantity Surveyor (30 months input over 4 years), Timor-Leste

Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM), Institutional Development Specialist (44 person-months)

Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM)
Project Management Engineer - Transport and Communications Specialist (44 person-months)

Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM), Capacity-Building and Training Specialist (44 person-months)
Apply By: 14 Jan 2008
Contacto:, refer "Recruiting Center at"

Job Level: Senior-Level
Timor Leste Infrastructure Project Management
The project aims to enhance opportunities for economic participation and improve access to basic social services for all East Timorese. The expected outcome of the program is that infrastructure assets are created and upgraded in line with medium term National Development Plan targets, including transport, communications, urban development, power and water supply and sanitation.
The project will be implemented over 4 years, commencing 2008 and comprises two linked components; (i) Executing capital development programs, and (ii) Building project management capacity. Capital development programs will help the Ministry of Infrastructure prepare and procure contracts for consultant services, goods, and works in line with annual capital development work plans and manage the implementation of these projects. The capital works program is yet to be finalised, but the main focus is on airport upgrades, sea ports and general marine engineering requirements.
Technical assistance from the AusAID supported Ministry of Planning and Finance’s (MoPF) Capacity building project will directly compliment this component by helping the ministries prepare multi-year capital development programs for incorporation in the government’s annual national budget. Building project management capacity will improve and strengthen processes, systems and staff competencies for project management in the three ministries.
Applicant Requirements:
1. Applicant should have a tertiary degree in engineering, planning, and economics field.
2. S/he must have prior experience working in the Utility and/or Public Works department, preferably in a management position.
3. Experience in institutional development and/or as a team leader will be a distinct advantage.
4. The candidate must be experienced working in South East Asia and preferably in Timor Leste or Indonesia.
5. Knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia, Tetum and/or Portuguese would be an advantage.
Prior experience working on large teams for multilateral donor agencies is required.