segunda-feira, abril 27, 2009

Consultores de longo prazo, Moçambique

ADRA, Adventist Development and Relief Agency procura consultores de longo prazo para Moçambique
Apply by: 15 May 2009,,

ADRA is seeking candidates for an upcoming project in Mozambique, focusing on crop disease control and mitigation, smallholder livelihood and agribusiness development, and coastal crop diversification.

Qualifications for all candidates:
Experience in Lusophone Africa (PALOP) is preferred
Fluency in Portuguese and English, written and spoken
Advanced degrees and 5 years of experience is required for mid-level positions
Working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications
Experience on donor projects in program design, management, or implementation is preferred
All positions are contingent upon ADRA being awarded this project.
Please indicate the position sought. Only finalists will be contacted.
Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

Project Manager, to oversee all aspects of project implementation, including:
Provide overall management and technical direction, and ensure that the project is managed according to the approved yearly work-plans and achieves monitoring and evaluation plan targets.
Identify issues and risks related to program implementation in a timely manner and suggest appropriate program adjustments.
Maintain strong relationships with the home office, donor personnel, partners, collaborators and other stakeholders, represent ADRA and the project to the public and the donor community.
Job Qualifications:
Minimum of Masters degree in agribusiness, agricultural economics or related field
Experience in one or more of the following technical disciplines: establishing and strengthening producer associations, linking producers to markets, establishing/strengthening extension services, building capacity of rural agribusiness

Other positions:
Deputy Project Manager
Disease/Phytosanitary Control Specialist: tree removal in Coconut Lethal Yellowing Disease (CLYD)-infected areas and replanting of coconut trees,training programs and responsible use of fire and quarantine methodologies.
Agronomist: coconut replanting and intercropping efforts.
Marketing/Business Development Specialist: build marketing capacity of the coconut industry and of traders and processors in Zambézia and Nampula A
Social Specialist/Community Participation Specialist: serve as the liaison between stakeholder institutions, project beneficiaries and the project team
Financial Administrator/Grant Manager: develop the operational rules and procedures for the grant fund in accordance with donor specifications
Project Accountant
Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

Job ID Job Title Location Posted Date
1338 ADRA Mozambique- MCC Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist MZ 04-22-09
1337 ADRA Mozambique- MCC Project Accountant MZ 04-22-09
1336 ADRA Mozambique- MCC Financial Administrator/Grant Manager MZ 04-22-09
1335 ADRA Mozambique- MCC Social Specialist/Community Participation Specialist MZ 04-22-09
1334 ADRA Mozambique- MCC Marketing/Business Development Specialist MZ 04-22-09
1333 ADRA Mozambique- MCC Agronomist MZ 04-22-09
1332 ADRA Mozambique- MCC Disease/Phytosanitary Control Specialist MZ 04-22-09
1331 ADRA Mozambique- MCC Deputy Project Manager MZ 04-22-09
1330 ADRA Mozambique- MCC Project Manager MZ 04-22-09