quinta-feira, maio 15, 2008

Abertas candidaturas à TEN-T Redes Trans-europeias

A Comissão Europeia convida organismos públicos, ou organismos privados com o acordo do Estado, a apresentar de candidaturas para financiamento de projectos de interesse geral no âmbito das Redes Transeuropeias de Transportes ao abrigo do programa anual de 2008.

As candidaturas têm de ser entregues até 20-Junho-2008

"3.7.2 Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)
In order to attract more private funding for the deployment of strategic transport infrastructure
projects, the TEN-T programme will foster actions aimed at promoting private sector
involvement in the development and financing of TEN transport projects, in particular those
which benefit from financial support of the Commission.

In 2008, this support will target actions on PPP including: networking, benchmarking and dissemination of good practices, establishment of a dedicated databases, provision of support and advice to project promoters and or Administrations and provision of expertise to the appraisal of applications submitted for TEN funding.

With a view to increase and share public sector expertise in the Public Private Partnership sector, the Commission will seek adequate partners, both in terms of know-how and cofinancing, for the joint development of the promotional actions.

Results expected:
The development of horizontal actions aimed at fostering the role of public private
is expected to increase the rate of deployment of the TEN-T infrastructure.
In particular, the close cooperation foreseen with the European Investment Bank will support
better the activities of public and private promoters, providing advice on risk and investment as well as on precautionary measures and risk management tools.

The call for proposals 2008, aiming inter alia at optimizing the use of infrastructure,
enhancing safety, security and quality of services, also promotes the achievement of important
transport policy objectives and the implementation of corresponding legislation.

Overall, the implementation of the work programme is expected to give an important impetus
to the further preparation and implementation of the major priority projects and priority areas of the trans-European transport network, thus to help reaching important milestones on the way towards the completion of this network as approved by the European

Parliament and the Council (target completion date 2020).
For this purpose, Community funding on the basis of the work programme should help to mobilize as much public and private financing as needed to meet the challenging time tables.