domingo, março 05, 2017

Game over: The Inside Story of the Greek Crisis

George Papaconstantinou, former Finance Minister of Greece (2009-2011), presents and speaks about the topic of his new book Game Over - The inside story of the Greek crisis. The presentation explores the Greek Crisis and the broader lessons for Europe and the Eurozone
The event, organised by the Hellenic Observatory at LSE, took place on Wednesday, 22 February 2017 at the LSE’s Old Theatre. Hellenic Observatory

Six years since the Greek crisis erupted, Europe has been fundamentally transformed, while Greece is in its third bailout, still in severe social and economic decline. The book of former Greek Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou tells the breath-taking story of this unprecedented period, and prompts a broad discussion on the decisions taken during the crisis and on the direction of Europe  and the Eurozone today.
Why were the causes overlooked for so long by European authorities and the financial markets, and why  the consequences so severe?
Were other solutions available?
Would Greece and Europe have been better off if the country had left the Euro?
Why were the experiences of other Eurozone (Cohesion)  countries like Portugal, Ireland and Spain so different from those of Greece?
Did European, Eurozone  and global institutions, and the creditors and debtors respond appropriately?
Have the Eurozone institutions been  since reformed adequately and are there now in place safeguards to ensure an external debt crisis  cannot happen in the Eurozone  again?
These questions and the themes discussed in the book are extremely relevant today as Europe grapples with its continuing economic problems and the rise of populism.

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