sábado, fevereiro 13, 2016

DG SANCO 2012 Study of European PPP Hospitals

Some conclusions
Public sector comparisons
Calculation, application and monitoring of a Public Sector cost Comparator is highly recommended. Since PPP contracts generally specify target outputs and outcomes, rather than inputs, this is a useful exercise for the public NHS/SNS authorities even when the probability of using the traditional procurement option is low. The PSC is published and used initially in examining the PPP /PFI option and later it serves to monitor the maintenance of Value for Money over the life of the contract.

Promote disclosure similar to that proposed by the World Bank, which should include concession contracts, side-agreements and subsequent changes, renegotiations and arbitrations, regular progress monitoring reports of the public concedent, and the concessionaire as well. This. should be mandatory, and would different from the situation today when the parties hide behind principles of “commercial or political confidentiality” or the non-commercial nature of some of the private operators which may exempt them from publishing financial statements.